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About us

My name is Tina Bailey, and I started EverythingFurryPlus, LLC, which is a single-person operated home business, in September 2011.   My love and compassion for animals/pets goes beyond just pet sitting.  It is a deep connection where the animals become a part of my family and I hope to become a part of theirs.  I become "Auntie" Tina.  Each and every animal that I come in contact with, either at my home or theirs, outdoors or in, have gills, fur, or hair, have two-four or no legs, they all become "my children" who are very important and special in every way.  My home is their home away from home.  I am retired military, prior law enforcement so honor and integrity means everything to me.


My mission statement:

Provide superior integrity, commitment, and quality services, as well as love, compassion, and respect for customers and their animal conpanion(s).  To improve health, comfort, and well being.


In addition to pet services, I also provide holistic type of well being alternative therapies such as:  Canine Massage; Small Animal Acupressure Therapy; Essential Oils for animals; and more.  A healthy pet is a happy pet.  A happy pet makes an owner happy.  Less cost associated with vet visits.

Summer (our 2.5 year old lab mix dog) spend two weeks with "Auntie Tina" and it far exceeded my expectations. This is NOT your typical boarding. Tina interacts and genuinely CARES for each and every pet brought into her home. She has ample space for them to sleep, eat, play and explore. Not only does she have a big heart for animals but she also has several certifications. She is also well experienced. I wondered why her past customers referred to her as Auntie Tina... now I can say I know and I am glad that we met her. 


Tina is absolutely outstanding! We just traveled for two and a half weeks and left our two dogs with her. This being thefirst time I have left them with anybody, I was super nervous, however Tina not only took amazing care of them, but kept in touch with me to keep me updated via messages and videos/posts. She has so many certificates and licenses and such a big heart for any animal. We are super super happy she was recommended to us and will definitely use everything furry plus for our dogs home away from home. ♥


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