Benifits of Canine Massage and/or Acupressure:

- Decrease Recovery Time between Workouts by Removal of Metabolic Waste Products


- Reduce Post-Workout Discomfort by Releasing Natural-Occurring Endorphins


- Minimize Chance of Overuse- & Stress-Related Injuries by Lengthening Muscle Fibers


- Decrease Muscular Tension & Improve Work Efficiency


- Disrupt Poor Postural Habits


- Increase Flexibility & Proprioceptive Skills

- Stimulate Lymphatic System to Improve Immune Function

-Prevent Chronic Conditions with Regular Monitoring & Early Detection






Massage and/or

Acupressure(30-45 min.)-----$35

Massage and/or


Acupressure(46-60 min.)----$40


Travel fee may apply



 Pet acupressure, massage, listed are not intended to diagnose, give a prognosis for, or treat diseases,  deformities, defects, wounds, or injuries; adjust or manipulate any articulations of the animal's body or spine; or perform acupuncture (with  needles) or mechanical therapies restricted to the field of veterinary medicine. Consult your veterinarian prior to starting any of the of these  services.


 - 24hr EMERGENCY pick up-----$20                                                 - Nail maintenance-----$8 and up

   owner hospital stays, unexpected job related over-time,                               

   etc. TRAVEL FEE may apply )                                                          - Ear/eyes/teeth wipe------$10                                     

 - Airport Pick up/Drop off (pet) ----- $40                                         - Baths ---------$10 and up                                                      

- General Pet pick up/drop off-----$10 per trip                                   - Coat maintenance/brush-outs--------$10 and up

((except where other arrangements are made))







Serving Kitsap County

& Surround Areas

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